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March 2018

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We can’t deny that the Korean culture has captured the attention of the world. Whether it’s their dramas, pop music or history, Korean culture’s popularity is extraordinary. The highest number of fans of Korean culture resides in the Asia-Pacific, then Europe, and finally in Africa and the Middle East. It’s hard to imagine a non-Western culture gaining so much attention across the world so, don’t you think there is something very special about the Korean culture? 1. Korean culture has made its presence felt in the past few years and has

Learning a second language is important in the time we live in. Singapore is a multi-cultural country, with people from different nationalities staying here. Since there are many Koreans residing in Singapore, it is important to learn their language so that you can easily interact with them. But, this is not its only benefit. There are numerous other advantages of learning the Korean language. For starters, we all know that the Korean culture is growing in popularity and profitability worldwide, and how people from Korea are starting businesses at every corner

Like any other foreign language out there, the Korean language requires a lot of effort to attain fluency. It may sound like odd initially, and you may feel like giving up before you even start. However, don’t give up yet. You can consider enrolling in korean lessons in singapore, to get the necessary skills and slowly improve. Practice is crucial, but you also need the right courses and to train your ear to get familiar with the language. In any of Singapore’s Korean classes, you will learn to read new words

Learning a foreign language can be a fun past time, if, and only if, you have the willpower and the passion for learning. For others, it may not be a hobby but a requirement. Circumstances may have thrown you to the deep end, and you may not have much choice but to learn a foreign language. Maybe your company has sent you on an assignment to a foreign land, and the only way to meet your goals and targets is through fluent communication with the locals. In that case, learning their

When you have mastery over a language, you are ready to reap its benefits. Just as completing any difficult task, learning Korean gives you a sense of pride. The vast opportunities for individuals who have gone through korean classes in singapore are beyond count. However, whether you are a guru or a toddler in this language, you have your share of benefits. Imagine if you had undertaken Korean classes in Singapore before the Winter Olympics. The number of athletes, delegates, and aficionados who needed translators are a gold mine. That is

  Every language has its basic phrases and vocabularies that newbies should master before dipping into complex grammar. The words or phrases include greetings, etiquette terms, common commodity names, and salutations. You have probably heard many times that the first impression determines the reaction of the respondent. The Korean language is no exception to this saying. Before engaging deep and nuanced content, focus on the fundamentals and commonly used phrases or words. You may create a wrong notion about yourself just by how you address another person. Imagine a Korean speaker did

Young minds can process and understand any language easily through many ways, but it has to be done gradually. They pick up their first language from adults mostly through basic communication and playful activities, where they try to understand the activity and then obtain its meaning from the adult’s language, mainly from their parents. Their innate receptiveness to learning language starts early and even at the tender age of three, they can get into the basics of foreign languages words very quickly. It is clear that learning new languages is very

TOPIK, officially the Korean Language Proficiency Test, is a test administered by the Korean Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation. After taking a korean course in singapore, you can take the TOPIK to check your proficiency in the language. Regardless of your level, the test is the same for everyone. Grades are ranked from 1-6, with 6 being the highest. Why You Should Take the TOPIK Test There are two reasons why you should take the TOPIK test: first, is to determine how good your Korean is and to see if you are at

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