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November 2018

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Who are we kidding? Learning a new language isn’t easy. However, it’s also very beneficial. The world is going global and knowing how to speak a foreign language is a massive advantage. Asia’s economies can only continue to grow, so it is good to learn an Asian language, especially from some of its top performers.Below, you’ll find the three best Asian languages for you to learn, and the reason why they’re worth learning.1.    ChineseFor native English speakers, Chinese is actually not that difficult of a language to learn. They actually

Teaching kids a new language is relatively easy because their minds are still young and developing. Their ability to grasp and put to memory new words outstrips that of many adults. Anyone who is new to the Korean language might think that it is difficult to learn, but the truth is that there are ways to simplify it, especially for children. If you want your kids to learn Korean in Singapore, it is totally possible.Korean is radically different from English, and this can create confusion as to where to start