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May 2018

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Speaking the Korean language like a native is often a common goal for most language learners in the country. Gaining fluency in the language is not only beneficial in your work environment, but it will also contribute significantly to your social life with your Korean friends. However, misusing the honorifics would end up getting you on the wrong foot with elderly or high-status individuals in the society. Therefore, learning how to pronounce the Korean phrases correctly is not only a choice but a necessity for everyone taking korean classes in

Are you thinking of taking new language lessons in Singapore? If so, brace yourself for an exciting experience and an opportunity to meet learners from different cultural backgrounds. Multilingualism is not only essential in boosting your chances of landing that most coveted position, but it also allows interaction with millions of people from all corners of the world. The fact that you took time to learn korean in singapore is enough proof that you are willing to embrace other people’s ways of life even if you do not like it.

Korean and English have been popular languages since time immemorial, and they have continued to attract a large pool of learners worldwide. Therefore, we cannot ignore the status that the two languages hold in the society and their significance in most people’s lives. Both languages hold very distinct features from each other, making it difficult for both Koreans and English speakers to learn. These are the differences between the two languages and their unique features. Origin English is an Indo-European language that shares a common origin with French and Spanish. As a

Attaining fluency in Korean is a goal for many, from businessmen to fans of Korean entertainment. While not as difficult as Chinese or Arabic, Korean remains a hard language to master and speak fluently. Therefore, you will need commitment and practice before you can attain fluency in Korean. Most places with Korean language lessons will always recommend learning the pronunciation of Korean words before you should begin practising writing and reading. This guide takes you through some of the ways you can improve your pronunciation of Korean words without too

Language learning forms the basis of developing communication skills and interacting with people. It improves your ability to express yourself and understand others effectively. That may include the use of words, gestures and body expressions to relay messages to different individuals. We all know that children who develop strong language skills have a greater passion for learning, which in turn boosts literacy rates. With that in mind, one should not overlook the importance of promoting new languages. Nowadays, opportunities to learn a new language abound. For instance, you can find a

You have your passport and travel bags in check just waiting to start your adventure in Korea, but there is one more thing for you to do! Learning basic Korean phrases. Knowing basic Korean phrases will help you interact with the locals, call a cab, order a meal in a restaurant, book a hotel, and even contact emergency service providers in case of an accident. The fact that you will be depending on these phrases for survival in the Korean countries should be enough motivation for you to learn them.

Learning Korean comes with its fair share of challenges and perks. However, it is possible to handle all the problems related to learning the Korean language given the right motivation and dedication. While some people will always use the challenges as an excuse when giving up on a korean lesson in singapore, most learners have risen beyond the problems and achieved some mastery in this language. We are going to discuss some of the problems you are likely to encounter during the learning process. Korean word order can be difficult to

K-pop’s popularity has been concentrated only in Asian countries for the last two decades. However, trends have completely changed over the past few years with more people from other continents embracing Korean pop music at an astonishing rate. The advancements in technology and the presence of many social media sites such as YouTube, has contributed greatly to the rapid expansion of its fan base. K-pop covers all genres: from hip-hop, rock, bubble-gum pop, and even RnB. The number of people developing an interest in learning Korean in Singapore has been rising

Have you developed an interest in the Korean automobiles or their K-pop tunes in the last few decades? If you have, then you should consider taking Korean lessons in Singapore for you to understand their culture, history and their delicious cuisines. You will also need to know the language for you to live or work comfortably in South and North Korea. The Korean language has not been very popular in the past few centuries in most countries including Singapore, but it has been gaining traction worldwide in the past one

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