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January 2019

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Whenever planning to learn a new language, most students opt to learn Spanish or French as a second language in schools. Learning any Asian language is quite rare, and even if they select an Asian language to learn, they usually prefer Chinese Mandarin. The Korean language is quite rare because people think it’s not important as it does not really have any benefit.If you were to ask me, learning Korean is the best thing you could do for yourself. Seeing as how modern Korean culture is highly popular globally, you’d

Korean is the language that is spoken by around 75 million people in South and North Korea only. It is widely spreading all around the world. Learning Korean in today’s time is considered a great asset. If you are planning to learn the language soon then you should know that the Korean language is much more than some pronunciations and accents. But, don’t let this  bother you, the alphabet system that they use in Korea is quite easy to get hold of. Now, coming to the topic, the importance of

Learning the Korean language, as with many other languages, can be challenging. You will need to be patient, disciplined, and dedicated to learning it while also adopting practices to steadily improve over time. This is where we can help you.Below, we have shortlisted eight ways you can learn the language faster so you can be proficient in the Korean language!Phrase-Books Can Help, But Not MuchUsually, phrasebooks consist of words that are not normally used in the daily lives of the Korean people. If you have had a chance

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