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March 2019

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Having your child learn the Korean language can prove to be very beneficial in the long run. Here are three reasons why you should send your children to Korean language classes:Learning Korean at an early age will make them eligible for many opportunities now and in the future. If they begin learning at an early age, by the time they get to maturity they would have already mastered the language and will be able to use their skills when needed to land jobs, secure promotions and work overseas, especially

The popularity of Korean language is on the rise in Singapore and people are going as far as joining a Korean language school in Singapore.The reason behind learning Korean varies from person to person but one of the major reasons is that its an easy language to learn. After your first few lessons, you will come to realise that the Korean alphabet, Hangul, is extremely easy to learn and dedicating 4 hours in a week suffices.However, speaking Korean like an actual native will have to take a little more effort.Why

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