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June 2019

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There are several reasons why Singaporeans may want to learn Korean. It is not just one of the richer countries in Asia with a large economy and population, but Korean culture has become very popular across the globe.If you’ve enrolled for Korean lessons in Singapore, you’ve probably been able to enjoy K-pop music and Korean dramas without the subtitles.However, mastering Korean is a challenge for many Singaporeans. The different sentence structures and honorific systems can be unfamiliar and sometimes hard to grasp.Fortunately, there are several resources that can help you

The Korean language is an interesting language to learn, but it is also challenging for many Singaporeans to practise and master.Many who take up Korean lessons in Singapore mumble a few incoherent words when they are not guided on how to master the language.Even if you are at an advanced level of learning, these tips will give you the extra push, needed to improve on your fluency, knowledge of honorifics and sentence construction.See how you can master the Korean language effortlessly.Master the hangulThe Korean alphabet, hangul, or 한글comprises of 14

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