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August 2019

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If you are reading this, chances are you are not a native speaker of Korean and is interested to learn the language. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of prerequisites you have to acquit yourself with before you exercise your expertise in the Korean language. Effective communication is not just about speaking a language, it also involves how you speak it, when you speak it and to whom you are speaking to. Why is this important? By enrolling yourself in a Korean class in Singapore, you are very likely to find yourself immersed

As much as it is fun and fulfilling to learn Korean language courses, there are specific resources that can limit and/or enhance your progress. One perfect example is time. Although anyone would love limitless time to learn a new language, our social lives such as our personal and professional engagements often consume most of our time each day. But let’s face it: you really need to learn Korean quickly because you may not know when your professional trip to Seoul or holiday vacation to Ggotji beach will come. What the statistics say Elites

Over the past decade, Singapore has grown to be one of the world’s most developed countries. Development is rapid in all fronts, including technology and education. As a result, Singapore is one of Asia’s leading hubs for commerce and tourism. With the increasing population with needs that should be met, it is becoming necessary to acquaint oneself with the language of Singaporeans. One of such as language is Korean. Here are some of the benefits of learning Korean in Singapore. There are many Koreans in Singapore Learning a language is fun when there

Did you know? Korean is the 17th most spoken language in the world! As much as students don’t always consider Korean first when they want to study a foreign language, there are important and beneficial reasons why you should enrol for Korean lessons in Singapore. The benefits are as follows: 1. You get a better understanding of various concepts and cultures of the Korean people The truth is, most people will consider learning Korean because they have at least interacted with Korean people or are familiar with exports from Korea such as movies,

Besides the fact that the written Korean script is one of the easiest to learn, getting acquainted with the Korean language will certainly open doors to a culture you’ve never experienced before. With good mastery of Korean, you will certainly be able to enjoy your favourite Korean pop music as well as the catchy and addictive movies and series of Korean drama. Learning Korean language courses will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in life. But where do you start? Here are three simple steps to get you started

Learning the Korean language is the new phenomenon taking Singapore by storm because it’s not only exciting to flaunt the expertise of a foreign language but also gain some genuine insights into a great culture of the world. Korean classes in Singapore are extremely popular among students because it’s a relatively easy language to learn. In addition to this, the Korean population in Singapore has witnessed a steady rise over the past decade thereby creating a language gap among citizens. Thus, many Singaporeans want to learn a language spoken by

Majority of Singaporeans are fluent English speakers yet some are seeking to expand their knowledge by learning a third or fourth language. Thus, it is common to see people learn Korean in Singapore. But unlike English, the Korean language has many rules and complexities which new learners should be aware of. Below are some of these rules and intricacies. Honorific forms and respect Korean culture is pretty much like most East Asian cultures. It takes age, position, and gender more seriously than Western cultures. This is reflected even in the language. As you get

There are several reasons why Singaporeans may want to learn Korean. It is not just one of the richer countries in Asia with a large economy and population, but Korean culture has become very popular across the globe. If you’ve enrolled for Korean lessons in Singapore, you’ve probably been able to enjoy K-pop music and Korean dramas without the subtitles. However, mastering Korean is a challenge for many Singaporeans. The different sentence structures and honorific systems can be unfamiliar and sometimes hard to grasp. Fortunately, there are several resources that can help you

The Korean language is an interesting language to learn, but it is also challenging for many Singaporeans to practise and master. Many who take up Korean lessons in Singapore mumble a few incoherent words when they are not guided on how to master the language. Even if you are at an advanced level of learning, these tips will give you the extra push, needed to improve on your fluency, knowledge of honorifics and sentence construction. See how you can master the Korean language effortlessly. Master the hangul The Korean alphabet, hangul, or 한글comprises of 14

Many Singaporeans consider Korean as one of the more difficult languages to learn. Despite sharing some rules with Chinese and following an honorific system like Japanese, Korean is quite an isolated language, and many Singaporeans are not exposed to it. Therefore, you can say this reasoning solves the mystery behind what makes it difficult to grasp. Nonetheless, with regular practice and the right guidance, learning Korean is actually an easy feat. Here are five steps to help you learn the Korean language easily: Know thyself and understand your goals The ancient phrase, know thyself, still

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