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April 2020

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The Korean language is enjoying vast popularity these days, not just thanks to the still-strong K-craze, but also due to the status of South Korea as a robust economic and educational hub. Spoken by about 80 million people worldwide, Korean is amongst the top 30 most-spoken languages in the world. These few reasons are enough for many people to pick up learning the Korean language, leading to a boom in demand and availability of Korean classes in Singapore and worldwide. With so many Korean language schools in Singapore, it’s likely that

A language exchange buddy is a valuable resource when you’re learning a new language. They not only assist you in your journey to pick up a language, but they also provide natural human interaction that is hard to come by when you’ve enrolled in a formal class. In exchange, you can also help them with their proficiency in another language, say English. Your language exchange buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be a native speaker of the foreign language you’re trying to learn, but its best to practice with someone who is

It is no new news that language is an essential aspect of a person’s life. Communication is key in all types of relationship - be it platonic, romantic or pure business. Mastering a language is, thus, important lest you jeopardise the rapport you have another with low language and communication skills. Compared to the soft skills that make up communication skills – emotional intelligence, empathy and confidence being some of them – language skills are slightly more straightforward and less challenging to foster. That is to say, these skills are

Despite its challenges, learning a foreign language has many advantages.  The ability to make new friends, improvements in cognitive ability and making travel convenience are all beneficial side effects of being bilingual, trilingual and so on. The process behind it is the most challenging and tiring part, especially when trying to incorporating the practice into your daily life. To achieve your goals, you will first need to find a method that will allow you to spend your time strategically and effectively, without compromising the quality of your learning. Before you go scratching

Learning a new language, especially as an adult, can be an intimidating experience.  Compared to a child, an adult has to invest considerably more time and effort to achieve the same progress. If you are currently in the middle of learning a language – hats off to you.  Sometimes, the biggest hurdle to overcome is first to start, so if you already have your head deep in the textbooks, you’re well on your way. Explored below are a few of the most commonly experienced challenges new learners face when starting their

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