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May 2021

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Before you learn Korean in Singapore, there are a couple of must-know characteristics for everyone. These characteristics are especially crucial if you are in your initial stages of learning the language. Here are some traits of the language that you should know. Bear in mind the crucial difference in Korean and English sentence structures In English, a typical sentence is usually made up of the subject (S), verb (V) and object (O). Conveniently, the typical Korean sentence is also made up of the subject (S), verb (V) and object (O). However, what sets

You can’t separate a language from its cultural background. Especially when you are picking up Korean, you need to have some historical knowledge of the Korean peninsula. For starters, Korea is not one country. There are two Koreas, North Korea and South Korea. Although they speak a similar language, there are subtle differences in both the written and spoken word that every student taking Korean classes in Singapore should know. Why the difference in language between the two Koreas? The language divide stems from a historical divide between the two Koreas, as far

Learning Korean is a fulfilling adventure. From watching the latest Korean Dramas without subtitles to having doors opened to working in the Korean industry, picking up the language goes beyond the written and spoken forms. But as with any other language, the key to mastering Korean is in practising it. And what better way to practise it than in a protected classroom setting! Across Korean classes in Singapore, you’ll be welcomed by native Korean teachers who replace the frustration in language barriers with the fun of a new language experience. But

With a rise in K-Pop music and K-dramas, it’s no wonder that Korean language is also gaining popularity. Find out more behind why learning Korean continues to spread. Out of an estimate of seven thousand languages, the Korean language is said to be the seventeenth most spoken language globally. With such a high position, the Korean language has seen remarkable growth in the number of learners of the language beyond the Korean peninsula. Research has shown that these are not just casual learners. There has been an estimated eighty percent increase

For most people, picking up a new language can be a tricky, stressful and frustrating experience. Especially when you’ve just learnt a new word in class only for you to forget about it later on. As with any learning opportunity in life, it is rare for the learning process to go smoothly, especially in the beginning. However, the good thing about taking up a second language class is that you get to share your enthusiasm for the language with others and learn alongside them. However, learning is no longer restricted to

In this global economy, one of the most valuable traits employees can possess is the capability to speak a second or even multiple languages. Learning new languages has obvious benefits, and most people start learning a new language to fulfil their own personal goals like, being able to communicate with others. However, the benefits of learning new languages merely go beyond that. Being proficient in an additional language like Korean, Mandarin or Spanish illustrates to an employer the value you can bring to the table as an employee and a person.

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