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Our Korean teachers engage the students in every lesson and build relationships as students progress through the levels. Many teachers are so popular they have waiting lists for entry into the class.

Our Korean Language School in Singapore employs native Korean speakers, who speak fluent English and have good teaching quality. It’s worth noting that our teachers take education seriously and want all their students to become proficient.

We have full confidence and unending belief in our teachers and their methods to enable you to Learn Korean in Singapore. We believe they are the most qualified in their field, and they are chosen based both on what they can do in the classroom and because of their experience and education.

7 Things You Should Know About Our Teachers

They are locally-based in Singapore and a Korean Trial Class can be arranged.

They are fluent in English and Certified by University to teach Korean as a foreign language.

They use fun, intensive, and involved activities built around the popular K-pop and K-drama entertainment, especially in group class.

They teach their students how to be conversational in the language using articles and how to interact with entertainment without having to rely on subtitles.

They will assist you in personally connecting with the Culture.

They will instruct you so that you may feel confident in interacting with Singapore’s vibrant and growing Korean language and cultural communities.

They are trained to teach languages with methods that have proven to be successful.

Our teachers are dedicated to their students’ success so that they may have a versatility that will forever enrich their lives.

Language teachers are often very valuable to any student desiring to master fluency in a foreign language. Our teacher is the link between you and the language itself. The most qualified teachers will help you to master not only the language but also its use in the cultural interactions of the society in which the language is spoken.

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