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When it comes to Asian languages, Korean is a popular choice to learn in Singapore. Online Learning Korean has its benefits, from bridging the cultural gap to opening up new opportunities in travel and work areas. If you’re planning to travel to Korea, it is wise to put the effort in to learning the language so you can find your way around and adapt to the culture. You will also be able to communicate with locals and tour guides, allowing you to gain a better travel experience overall. Plus, you might also feel more comfortable in a foreign place if you have the ability to understand its native language.

Another reason why people choose to learn Korean is due to their familiarity with Korean pop cultures such as music, movies and K-dramas. This might have piqued your interest in the Korean language and culture, and taking the step to learn the language can get you closer to gaining a more meaningful understanding of your favourite Korean song or drama, rather than just relying on the translations.

And the Korean language is not as difficult as it seems. Studying the Korean script, Hangul, can help you along in learning the basics. It is also a practical language to learn for use in business activities. It provides you with a valuable ability to strengthen business relationships with Korean-speaking counterparts and open doors to more opportunities.

Pick up the Korean language right from the comforts of your home – by learning online through our live video classes. At Korean Explorer, we offer continuous online Korean lessons in Singapore so you can be on your way to increase your proficiency. You don’t have to fret about making you way down physically to the language school, as learning becomes easier with online classes.

With a well-paced class schedule and effective learning tools, learning Korean online has never been easier. Our Native teachers are also certified to teach Korean and help you gain better knowledge and comprehension of the language. Our virtual classroom set-up utilises interactive materials, one-on-one teacher feedback and e-learning resources to help you learn from the comfort of your home while catering to your individual online Korean learning style.

Why choose Korean Explorer

• The school syllabus is accredited by Seoul National University in South Korea and aligns with TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korea) international standard.

• Our Native Korean Teachers are trained and certified to teach the Korean language as a foreign language.

• Our course materials include course book, e-workbook, MP3 audio files, and uniquely video recordings of class lessons

• Our School’s Main HQ Branch @ 137 Cecil Street can be accessed by 3 MRT stations (Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer, and Raffles Place)

• Our Jurong East Branch @ 135 Jurong Gateway Road is situated conveniently near Jurong East MRT station

• Our Group Class, the average size is about 8 students* with an optimal student-teacher ratio to promote quality learning

SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Korean Language Courses – “Conversational Korean Beginner 1 Group Class”

Live Streaming Video Online Korean Classes hosted via Zoom, so students can improve their language proficiency with the guidance of our Native Teachers through online sessions while staying home.

Online Korean Course Fee

~ Private Online Class package of 10 sessions 2hrs each, the fee for each student is $1,380 (Conversational Korean) / $1,580 (Business Korean).

~ Group Online Class package of 10 sessions 2hrs each, the fee for each student is $450 as per table below.

Current monthly promotion fee at only $380

~ Online Course Registration Fee of $50 is applicable. (For private & group class)

~ Online Course Material Fee per student of $50 is applicable. (For private & group class)

~ Students will have an e-copy of the Korean course book & workbook & Korean audio files & recorded video lessons.

Schedules & Timings are based on Singapore Local Time / UTC/GMT +8 hours

Conversational Korean Beginner 1 ~ Online Class Schedule

KEOLB1-2408-EveKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
24 Aug26 OctEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$380
KEOLB1-2808-SatKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
28 Aug30 OctEvery Sat 12pm-2pm$380
KEOLB1-2908-SunKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
29 Aug31 OctEvery Sun 2pm-4pm$380
KEOLB1-3008-AMKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
30 Aug30 SepEvery Mon & Thu 10am-12pm$380
KEOLB1-2209-EveKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
22 Sep24 NovEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$380
KEOLB1-2409-AmKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
24 Sep26 OctEvery Tue & Fri 10am-12pm$380
KEOLB1-2509-SatKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
25 Sep27 NovEvery Sat 10am-12pm$380
KEOLB1-2609-SunKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
26 Sep28 NovEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$380
KEOLB1-2310-SatKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
23 Oct08 JanEvery Sat 10am-12pm$380
KEOLB1-2410-SunKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
24 Oct26 DecEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$380
KEOLB1-2510-EveKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
25 Oct27 DecEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$380
KEOLB1-2710-AmKorean Beginner 1
- 10 sessions 2hrs each
27 Oct26 NovEvery Wed & Fri 10am-12pm$380

Beginner 01 Group Class 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus 

BatchStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
KEB1-2408-Eve24 Aug26 OctEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB1-2808-Sat28 Aug30 OctEvery Sat 12pm-2pm$380$380
KEB1-2908-Sun29 Aug31 OctEvery Sun 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEB1-3008-Am30 Aug30 SepEvery Mon & Thu 10am-12pm$380$380
KEB1-2209-Eve22 Sep24 NovEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB1-2409-Am24 Sep26 OctEvery Tue & Fri 10am-12pm$380$380
KEB1-2509-Sat25 Sep27 NovEvery Sat 10am-12pm$380$380
KEB1-2609-Sun26 Sep28 NovEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$380$380
KEB1-2310-Sat23 Oct08 JanEvery Sat 10am-12pm$380$380
KEB1-2410-Sun24 Oct26 DecEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$380$380
KEB1-2510-Eve25 Oct27 DecEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB1-2710-Am27 Oct26 NovEvery Wed & Fri 10am-12pm$380$380

Beginner 01 Group Class 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ Jurong Campus Physical Class Schedule

KEJB1-2208 Sun22 Aug24 OctEvery Sun 1pm to 3pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-2508 Eve25 Aug27 OctEvery Wed 7pm to 9pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-2109 Eve21 Sep23 NovEvery Tue 7pm to 9pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-2509 Sat25 Sep27 NovEvery Sat 3pm to 5pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-2410 Sat24 Oct26 DecEvery Sun 3pm to 5pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-2710 Eve27 Oct29 DecEvery Thu 7pm to 9pmPhysical Class$380

Beginner 02 Group Class 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus 

City Campus
KEB2-260826 Aug28 OctEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB2-290829 Aug31 OctEvery Sun 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEB2-190919 Sep05 DecEvery Sun 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEB2-210921 Sep07 DecEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB2-181018 Oct03 JanEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB2-241024 Oct09 JanEvery Sun 2pm-4pm$380$380
Jurong CampusSTARTENDFREQUENCY Physical Class Fee
J-KEB2-280828 Aug30 OctEvery Sat 2pm-4pm$380
J-KEB2-310831 Aug02 NovEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$380
J-KEB2-150915 Sep01 DecEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$380
J-KEB2-250925 Sep11 DecEvery Sat 12pm-2pm$380
J-KEB2-231023 Oct22 JanEvery Sat 2pm-4pm$380
J-KEB2-281028 Oct20 JanEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$380

Elementary Group Class 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus 

BatchStartEndFrequencyPhysical ClassOnline Class
City CampusDateDate10 Sessions 2hrs eachFeeFee
16 Aug18 OctMonday 7-9pm$380$380
KEE1-3008-Mon30 Aug01 NovMonday 7-9pm$380$380
KEE1-2009-Mon20 Sep22 NovMonday 7-9pm$380$380
11 Oct13 DecMonday 7-9pm$380$380
KEE1-0111-Mon01 Nov03 JanMonday 7-9pm$380$380

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