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SkillsFuture Credits Eligible Korean Courses

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Engaging SkillsFuture Korean Language Classes In Singapore

Individual & Group Korean Language Classes: SkillsFuture Credit-Eligible

Learning Korean in Singapore as a complete beginner can be a frustrating and overwhelming process, to say the least. However, with the help of great teachers who know how to make lessons fun and engaging, it is possible to achieve fluency in the language!

Korean Explorer offers Skillsfuture credit-eligible Korean Language classes in Singapore that cater to the preferences of each student. Students who prefer to practice their language skills with other students can do so in a comfortable group setting where everyone can learn together.

We offer both individual and group lessons that utilise effective learning methods to improve your Korean language skills:

  • Work with a native speaker and practise the language by learning Korean songs, reading Korean newspapers and magazines and role-playing.
  • The use of conversational textbooks, study notes and journals to complement your learning and help you master the art of speaking Korean fluently.

Skillsfuture Credit-eligible Korean Language Courses – “Conversational Korean Beginner 1 Group Class”
* T&C apply

  • Live streaming Korean Classes via Zoom so that you can improve your Korean proficiency with our native teachers without travelling to our campus.

Students can choose their course schedule below, and the venue will be at our City or Jurong training centre.

SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Korean Language Courses – “Conversational Korean Beginner 1 Group Class”
* T&C apply

• Live Streaming Video Korean Classes via Zoom, so that you can improve your Korean Proficiency with our Native Teacher in class, without travelling out of Home

Physical Course or Online Course fee $380 per student for 10 lessons of 2-hour each, to be completed in 10 weeks.

Students can choose their own class schedule from below and the venue will be at our City or Jurong training centre.

Beginner 01 Group Class 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus

BatchStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
KEB1-2310-Sat23 Oct08 JanEvery Sat 10am-12pm$380$380
KEB1-2410-Sun24 Oct26 DecEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$380$380
KEB1-2510-Eve25 Oct27 DecEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB1-2710-Am27 Oct26 NovEvery Wed & Fri 10am-12pm$380$380
KEB1-0111-Eve*01 Nov03 JanEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB1-2211-Am22 Nov23 DecEvery Mon & Thu 10am-12pm$380$380
KEB1-2311-Eve23 Nov25 JanEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB1-2711-Sat27 Nov12 FebEvery Sat 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEB1-2811-Sun28 Nov30 JanEvery Sun 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEB1-1812-Sat18 Dec05 MarEvery Sat 10am-12pm$380$380
KEB1-1912-Sun19 Dec20 FebEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$380$380
KEB1-2212-Eve22 Dec02 MarEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB1-2312-Am23 Dec25 JanEvery Tue & Thu 10am-12pm$380$380

Beginner 01 Group Class 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ Jurong

KEJB1-2410 Sat24 Oct26 DecEvery Sun 3pm to 5pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-2710 Eve27 Oct29 DecEvery Thu 7pm to 9pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-2411 Eve24 Nov26 JanEvery Wed 7pm to 9pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-2811 Sun28 Nov30 JanEvery Sun 1pm to 3pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-1812 Sat18 Dec05 MarEvery Sat 3pm to 5pmPhysical Class$380
KEJB1-2112 Eve21 Dec01 MarEvery Tue 7pm to 9pmPhysical Class$380

Beginner 02 Group Class 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus

City Campus
KEB2-181018 Oct03 JanEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB2-241024 Oct09 JanEvery Sun 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEB2-181118 Nov20 JanEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB2-281128 Nov30 JanEvery Sun 2pm-4pm$380$380
KEB2-211221 Dec01 MarEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$380$380
KEB2-261226 Dec27 FebEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$380$380
Jurong CampusSTARTENDFREQUENCY Physical Class Fee
J-KEB2-231023 Oct22 JanEvery Sat 2pm-4pm$380
J-KEB2-281028 Oct20 JanEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$380
J-KEB2-171117 Nov19 JanEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$380
J-KEB2-271127 Nov12 FebEvery Sat 2pm-4pm$380
J-KEB2-191219 Dec20 FebEvery Sun 12pm-2pm$380
J-KEB2-201220 Dec28 FebEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$380

Elementary Korean Group Class 10 sessions over 10 weeks ~ City Campus

BatchStartEndFrequencyPhysical ClassOnline Class
City CampusDateDate10 Sessions 2hrs eachFeeFee
KEE1-1010-Sun10 Oct12 DecSunday 10am-12pm$380$380
KEE1-2410-Sun24 Oct26 DecSunday 10am-12pm$380$380
KEE1-0711-Sun07 Nov09 JanSunday 10am-12pm$380$380
KEE1-2111-Sun21 Nov23 JanSunday 10am-12pm$380$380

Contact us for more information and a Korean Trial Class can be arranged.

For Course Enquiries, please come to City Campus @ 137 Cecil Street, Cecil Building #07-04, Singapore 069537

Our Jurong Campus, 135 Jurong Gateway Road level 4, next to JCube.

Contact Us


    Singapore Office

    City Campus: 137 Cecil Street #07-04, Cecil Building, Singapore 069537 | Jurong Campus: 134 Jurong Gateway Road, level 4, Singapore 600134


    Following tried-and-tested teaching and learning methods, the lessons begin by teaching students how to recognise and pronounce the alphabet, followed by how to combine different letter combinations to create sounds and words. Our teachers will also take into account your individual learning style and pace.

    Physical course or online course fee @ $380 per student for 10 lessons (2 hours each) to be completed in 10 weeks.

    The course materials ($50 per student) includes: coursebook + e-workbook + audio files + online support + recorded Korean class videos. Note: Online Korean students course materials fee will be waived. There will also be a one-time registration fee of $50 per student.

    • The syllabus is accredited by Seoul National University (SNU Top Uni in Korea) and aligned with TOPIK international standards.
    • Our native Korean teachers are trained and certified to teach Korean as a foreign language.
    • Our school’s main branch is located @ 137 Cecil Street, Level 7 (in-between Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar & Telok Ayer MRT Station)
    • Our Jurong East branch is located @ 135 Jurong Gateway Road, Level 4 (next to Jurong East MRT)
    • Our average Group Class size is 8 students to maximise quality learning and maintain an excellent student-teacher ratio.
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