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TOPIK is also known as ‘hangugeo neungnyeok siheom’, which is a Korean Language Proficiency Test administered by Korean Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation. You can take the test which is organised by the Korean government itself and hosted at the Singapore Korean International School, the examination is held twice a year in Singapore: April and October.

The level that you are in doesn’t matter as the score is rated from 1-6, 6 being the highest score. Students are tested in 2 different components during the examination for TOPIK 1(Level 1-2): MCQs of Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension.
Whereas, TOPIK 2(Level 3-6), besides the MCQs of Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, there will be an additional Writing component.

Why is TOPIK test needed?

Two main reasons include:


  • Having an ambition to learn and improve the language. Sign up our Trial Class or Korean Courses now.
  • Getting Korean residence and university admission.
  • Korean immigration uses a point system to secure long terms visa working and living in Korea.

One important thing is the fact that the TOPIK certificate is recognized all over the world.  Success in the TOPIK test will be so helpful in the future life and easily get you more exposed to the culture.

Korean immigration may consider points achieved in the test after doing TOPIK  Singapore. A high TOPIK score gives you a better opportunity of securing a place, live and work in Korea. Many schools give certificates after attending the course, but the TOPIK certificate is recognised internationally.

What you can do after learning TOPIK


  • Get university admission and manage academics of foreign Korean government scholars.
  • Foreigners and Koreans abroad can get admissions to local universities.
  • You can apply for working visa if you want to be employed in Korea companies.
  • It is also recommended for foreign medical practitioners who are qualified in medicine.
  • Apply for Korea Language Teaching Qualification test, level 2 and 3.

What is the TOPIK test comprised of and when is it offered?


  • TOPIK Singapore is divided up into four parts. These four parts are no other than vocabulary and grammar, listening, writing, and reading. This language test is offered twice during the year in Singapore. The dates for the TOPIK are in April and October.

Start Taking TOPIK

With TOPIK Singapore, you can learn Korean in Singapore with 10 sessions (2hrs each) for Physical classes or Online classes at an affordable price $1,780 (1-2 students per class).

• Per Student One-time registration fee $50 & material fee $50 applicable

The best path is first to take a TOPIK Prep Course in a Private class setting and when you have gained sufficient knowledge, sign up for a TOPIK exams. This way, you will be gaining relevant knowledge about the language and culture which comes in handy when you visit the country.

Level and grade of examination
Level of examination: TOPIK 1, TOPIK 2
Evaluation grade: 6 grades(1st to 6th grades)
The evaluation is based on the total scores earned, and the cut-off scores by grade is as follows:


Grade > 80 scores > 140 scores > 120 scores > 150 scores > 190 scores > 230 scores

Sign up our TOPIK Singapore Preparation course and start learning now.

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